Team Trip to SEMA 2015

A couple days ago, Team Trackspec made a mini trip to Las Vegas for SEMA 2015. The event was huge! It started Tuesday, November 3 and ended Friday, November 6 this year, but we didn't want to close the shop the whole week, so we went for two days at the end of the week.  We had such a blast. It was everyone's first time so we just winged it.

The first day there was overwhelming. Days leading up to this trip, I've been telling the guys to plan out what they want to see but obviously that didn't happen because we were pretty much lost the whole time. Lol. Still had fun, saw a lot of cars. 

We found a wheel that was taller than me.

And then we found a fan that was taller than me. Lol.

We ran into a couple friends, including MFest organizers who graciously invited us to their afterparty at Omnia that night. Had a good time and made some new friends....and took some blurry photos. 

Second day at SEMA was much better. We found the tools section and this made the guys very happy. We didn't know that some vendors would be selling their tools to individual consumers, so we weren't exactly prepared for that. Two days before the event, Jon bought a tool that was $600 cheaper at the event (special SEMA pricing -__-).

There were also games where the guys competed to win free tools. Knipex had a contest to squeeze their new pliers as hard as you can. The guys didn't come close to the top score. Lol. 

OTC had a contest where they gave the guys a scenario of a specific type of car that was having issues. They had to use their diagnostic tool to find the problem. Fastest time and correct solution would get a free tool. The OTC employee was shocked that Jon was the only one to solve his problem correctly. 

Our last day in Vegas was Saturday, but our flight was at 9:45pm. So we did what we had to: ride roller coasters and gamble. The roller coasters were faster than I remember, but then again, maybe I'm just getting old. 

In summary, the whole trip was fun. We were definitely more interested in the tools than the show cars but it was great bonding with the team. Now we know what to do for next year's event. Thanks SEMA & Vegas for an awesome event and mini vacation!