Rad Drives' 2nd Annual Invitational Crab Run

This weekend, we were invited to Road Adventure Drives' 2nd Annual Invitational Crab Run. We drove through the Santa Cruz mountains to Highway 1, stopped at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, and then Pillar Point Harbor for lunch at Princeton Seafood Company. Due to the toxic algae bloom and postponement of crab season, the harbor was quite silent compared to last year's bustling of fisherman and people lugging coolers waiting to buy crabs. 

Crabs or no crabs, we had a great time. Unlike last year's dim and soggy drive, the sun was out the entire time. Some portions of the roads were a little congested with cars waiting in line to buy Christmas trees, but other than that, it was a great drive.

Had to stop and wait for some that we've lost due to traffic.

From the forest to the coast...

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse was beautiful. Right next to the lighthouse, there was a hostel that looked like a great place to get away from the city and spend the night.

Lunch at Princeton Seafood Company. They surprisingly had a veggie option (yay)--the veggie sandwich. A couple people had the fish tacos, which looked delicious. Fresh oysters on the half shell also looked yummy.

And the ride home..