Mission & Values

We are car enthusiasts just like our clients and it is our mission to serve the Bay Area car community with quality work and excellent customer service. We believe great service should not only apply to customers, but should also apply to vendors and employees. Our customers remain updated on the status of the work being performed. We take time to send itemized estimates, take photos, write down specific notes, and just make our customers feel like they are at home here, and that their car is also at home here. We have also built strong relationships with all of our vendors, which means we have a reliable source of a wide array of parts and services, suitable for any and all needs our customers and employees. Last, but not least, we treat our employees with respect and try to offer them an amazing work environment. When employees are treated with respect and dignity, they treat their work with respect and dignity, which comes full circle back to our customers!

Meet The Team

Jonathan Vo

owner & lead technician

Growing up in the Bay Area, Jon was always surrounded by people in the car community. His dad was a Master Technician at Honda for many years and his step-dad was and still is active in various local car clubs. At 16, Jon bought his first car and at the age of 18, Jon finished building a motor, turbocharged it, and soon became well-known in the Bay Area for his impressive “wrenching” skills. In addition to working on all of his friends’ and relatives’ cars in garages and driveways, Jon participated in several events, including pit-crewing at 25 Hours of Thunderhill. With the amount of experience he accumulated during and after college, Jon did not have a hard time finding a shop that shared his same passion. In 2009, he joined Lotus specialists, Dietsch Werks, and soon after was promoted to Lead Technician. Throughout his time there, Jon built multiple cars for the Lotus Cup USA race series and pit-crewed for the drivers at various racetracks. At Dietsch Werks, Jon not only became a specialist in Lotus, but also gained expertise in Porsche and BMW. In 2014, Jon was given the opportunity to pursue his dream and Trackspec Autosports was born. Jon is humbled by this new experience and promises to do his best to make sure his customers are satisfied. On his free time, you can find Jon at the racetrack or hiking, camping, and backpacking with his fiance, Victoria, and their two dogs, Cusco & Senna.

Herb Opiniano

senior technician

Ever since Herb was a kid, he preferred hot wheels over action figures. With 11 years of experience in the automotive industry, Herb primarily worked on Nissan until he joined Jon at Dietsch Werks and gained extensive experience on Lotus, Porsche, and BMW. On his spare time, Herb goes mountain biking, hiking, and grilling on Sundays.

Victoria Vo

Executive receptionist

Trackspec Vic

Victoria grew up in Carson (South Los Angeles), moved to the Bay Area in 2005 to attend college at UC Santa Cruz (go Slugs!), and then law school at Golden Gate University. She received her CA bar license in 2013. After being active in various law associations, working at law firms and non-profits, and tutoring bar students, Victoria decided that a career in the law profession was not something that aligned with her identity. At the same time, Victoria spent many nights helping Jon set up Trackspec Autosports. In 2015, Victoria decided to join the team full-time, and has not looked back since. At Trackspec, she wears many hats and enjoys all of it: HR, payroll, finance, marketing, and office manager. On her spare time, she is trying out new vegan recipes, riding with Jon at the track, or enjoying the outdoors.

Grace Hair

automotive technician

Trackspec Grace

Grace got her start in the automotive field through the De Anza College automotive technology program, earning three degrees and ultimately becoming an ASE certified technician. For the last two years she has been working in a Lotus specialty shop, performing all manner of maintenance and after-market upgrades. She also did pit crewing and trackside support for Lotus Cup USA drivers. In her free time, Grace enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors and driving her 1986 Toyota mr2 (which she is determined to keep as original as possible ... for now).