Speed-Dynamics' 1-Year Anniversary at Thunderhill

Photo taken by Trevor Ryan

On Saturday, December 19, Speed-Dynamics hosted their 1-Year Anniversary at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA. While there was much anticipation and excitement for the event, many were worried bad weather and rain would take over the day. Most people arrived around 7am and not surprisingly, it was foggy, overcast, and wet. Drivers took their time on the track. Some went off but thankfully, no serious accidents. After the first round of sessions, the sun started to come out and the day turned out to be beautiful. Chilly, but mostly sunny with some clouds. 

Trackspec Auto Team was here not only to have fun on the track but we partnered up with Speed-Dynamics to offer free basic trackside support to their registered guests. There weren't too many people that needed assistance--either people didn't need help or didn't know we were there to help. In any case, we will make that more clear on the next event.

Other than a couple delays due to technical difficulties with towing cars that drove off track, the event went smoothly. Thanks Speed-Dynamics for another great trackday!

Speed-Dynamics invited the Trackspec team onto the track to take some photos. That was fun.

And now for the videos. Jon and his Golf R was initially getting 2:11s and 2:10s but ended the day with his personal best at 2:08. 

Photo taken by Trevor Ryan

Andrew and his Evo 9 got 2:11, which is not bad considering it was his first time on the track. 

Sam and his Audi S4, was enjoying his newly rebuilt engine, 034Motorsport Stage 3 Kit and got his personal best at 2:10.