Trackspec's Memorable Moments of 2016

Decided to do a blogpost at the end of every year, looking back on some of our favorite moments. But first! Some stats to share:

Trackspec Auto All-Time Stats

Since opening in September 2014....

  • Compared to other automotive shops, we average low car count per month. 
  • But our average repair order is incredibly higher than the national average....(NOTE: our shop is in one of the most expensive cities in the U.S. and the national average includes non-specialty auto shops)

Most Makes

By the number of unique vehicles that Trackspec has worked on.

  1. BMW
  2. Lotus
  3. Honda/Acura
  4. Porsche

Most Models

By the number of unique vehicles that Trackspec has worked on.

  1. M3
  2. Elise/Exige
  3. 911
  4. 335i
  5. NSX
  6. S2000

Porsche Club of America Annual Party

Porsche Club of America, Golden Gate Region, hosted its 55th annual holiday banquet on January 9, 2016 at Canepa. This was our first time visiting and it is the most impressive shop/showroom/museum we've been to! Blogpost.

Golden Gate Lotus Club's Annual Anti-Football Drive

Had a blast at GGLC's Annual Anti-Football Drive on January 30, 2016. Drove down the 35, had lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery, then took a tour of the Mummy Museum! Blogpost.

Pitcrew for Formula Car Challenge

Jon pitcrewed for Ten Pedal Motorsports at Formula Car Challenge, Laguna Seca. He learned how to do string alignments! Blogpost.

Team Trip to Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix

We closed the shop on a Friday and took the team to Monterey. BBQ'ed for a night, and then went to the Continental Tire Monterey Grand Prix the next day. We played games, got some free swag, and saw some cool cars. Was nice being at Laguna Seca for a real event for once. Blogpost.

Lotus Lunch at the Shop

Had a couple Lotus guys meet for lunch at the shop. Blogpost.

All-Day Drive with Lotus Crew

That one time we did an 8-hour roundtrip spirited drive (10 hours with stops and lunch).  Blogpost.

GoKarting at Sonoma Raceway

We went outdoor karting at Simraceway Performance Karting Center - Sonoma Raceway. 

SEMA 2016

Our annual team trip to SEMA this year was awesome. We played a lot of games, got a lot of free swag, Son tested out Miller's crazy welder and met his sponsor, we ate at a bunch of buffets, we won a lot of money at the casinos, oh and our photo below won us a free Hunter wheel balancer! Blogpost

The ad we saw before we went to SEMA. 

The photo we posted on Instagram with the tag #HunteratSEMA.

The machine we won :)

Hatchback BBQ

We had a BBQ on the racetrack for Jon's birthday and we came back with tons of leftovers. So that entire week, we BBQ'ed for lunch. But it was so hot, we started using our hatchbacks for shade.

25 Hours of Thunderhill

Team's first time pitcrewing for this 25-hour endurance race (except for Jon). We were on Team Lotus Cup USA - PB Racing and it was an intense experience! Blogpost

Our 2-Year Anniversary Party

Our crazy party in the rain. Blogpost

Trackspec on the Track

Laguna Seca


Thunderhill West

Thank You

Thank you to all our friends, family, customers, and other businesses/vendors who have continued to support us. We have accomplished so much during this second year and we couldn't have done it without you all!