Pitcrewin' for Formula Car Challenge at MRLS

This weekend, Jon had the opportunity to provide track support to Ten Pedal Motorsports' driver, Frank Cusack, who was participating in the Formula Car Challenge, a spec racing series presented by Goodyear and put together by SCCA (Sports Car Club of America).

The Formula Car Challenge presented by Goodyear is SPEC.... but with VARIETY. 
The series believes in the cost advantages of spec racing, but also understands that fans do love to see variety on the track. With this in mind the FCC features 3 different spec classes inside of the championship, making it the only spec series that features a variety of cars. All three classes are on track at the same time, but compete for points and championships only within their respective classes.

Multi-class racing presents a unique dimension of competition, as drivers must be aware of cars with distinctly different strengths as they battle to win in their class. This is a very popular racing format in top level professional series. (including the The United SportsCar Championship and Challenge Series, SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge, and the European LeMans Series). It makes for extremely exciting racing for both the drivers, and the fans.

Day 1


We arrived at the racetrack around 7am, and the fog was so thick we could barely see in front of us. Although this day was for qualifying, the entire schedule got pushed back due to the weather. James Cusack, from TPM, took the time to talk to Jon about the race and got him familiar with the car.

At the Pits for Qualifying

First time on the track didn't go without a hitch. Unfortunately, Frank could not get a clean run due to a sheared throttle return spring at the pedal. Frank was able to bring the car in safely but was done for the day.

Formula car casually driving by while on fire. Luckily, the fire marshal caught it right away and put it out before any serious damage.

Back to Our Trailer

Since Day 1 was just for qualifying, the guys had plenty of time to replace the broken throttle spring before the race the next day. 

Day 2

Race 1

Skies cleared up just in time for Race 1 of the weekend. The car did well and there were no mechanical issues. However, there was an accident 15 minutes into it and the race ended under yellow flag, meaning no passing. On the upside, Frank finished 3rd place!

Ending the race under yellow flag :(

Weigh In

Frank weighing in after the race to make sure he meets the minimum weight requirement. The guys did a good job calculating fuel weight and consumption, as Frank's car was only a few pounds over.

Qualifying for Race 2

After Race 1, cars line up at pre-grid to qualify for Race 2 the next day. 

Lining up to pull into the track at Turn 11.

Off they go

String Alignments

Frank wanted to make an adjustment to the alignment before Race 2. The only way to do this on track is a good old fashioned string alignment.

Day 3

Race 2

We were not around for the second race, but Frank finished 1st place. Congrats!

Scooting Around