GGLC's Annual Anti-Football Drive

This past Saturday, January 30, we attended the Golden Gate Lotus Club's Annual Anti-Football Drive. It was an incredibly great turnout, with about 20-25 lotuses. Weather was unexpectedly sunny. Perfect!

Met at San Mateo

We first met at the Starbucks on De Anza in San Mateo. It was 9am, and the sun was already out. 

Drove Down Hwy 35 

We got onto the 92 and then made a left onto 35. The drive was relaxing and moderately paced. The roads were a little bit slippery from the early morning sprinkles, but everyone just took their time and had fun. Roads weren't as busy with bicyclists, motorcycles, and other cars as we've seen them before, so that was good. 

Stopped at Skyline Blvd Vista Point #1 

We stopped and squeezed in at the popular Skyline Blvd Vista Point, which overlooks the beautiful bay. Actual parking spaces were limited, but we made it work. Lotuses are tiny and can fit just about anywhere! Jon's blue Golf R stuck out like a sore thumb, as always. Lol. 

Onto Black Rd

Lunch at Bottom rock Brewery

We arrived at Bottom Rock Brewery just in time for lunch. Of course, with any car meet, it takes 15 mins to backwards park, and then an additional 15 minutes to take photos. Lol. Well, it's not a common occurrence to see 20-25 lotuses in one place....unless you're at Lotus Cup so it's pretty much always okay. 

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Last stop, the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum! We learned a lot, including the fact that it took 70 days to make a mummy....oh and that hair weaves and extensions existed back then! 

Architecturally inspired by the Temple of Amon at Karnak, it houses the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts on exhibit in western North America — including objects from pre dynastic times through Egypt’s early Islamic era.

Thanks to Kiyoshi, Rita, and the GGLC crew for hosting and planning another great event.