Trackspec's 2-Year Anniversary Party

On Sunday, November 20, 2016, we hosted our 2nd Year Anniversary Party. Despite the rain, it was an amazing turnout (surprisingly!). If you've been with us before Trackspec even started, you knew our official start date was not even close to November 20. I know the party came a little late this year, thus the rain. BUT WOW, that didn't stop most of you and we were quite honored to have you all here.

I'll start with some facts:

  • First day of business: September 29, 2014
  • Grand Opening: October 12, 2014 - 156 FB rsvps, 55 interested
  • 1 Year Anniversary Party: October 24, 2015 - 318 FB rsvps, 91 interested
  • 2 Year Anniversary Party: November 20, 2016 - 369 FB rsvps, 567 interested
  • Confirmed cars: 37 Lotus + Golden Gate Lotus Club, 12 NSX, 8 S2000, 10 BMW + BMW of Fremont, Lambos, ACR, Testarossa, GT3RS, 4C, GT4

The day started out dry and we had high hopes it would stay that way. Despite some people cancelling due to the weather, there were A LOT of Lotus. It was a beautiful site. 

A lot of NSX and BMW as well!

Inside, we had some cool cars too. Our customers really came through!

At some point, there was just too many people to count. 


For our grand opening, our good friends from Konjoe Burger Bar set up shop and grilled delicious sliders and pork belly baos on-site! For our 1-Year, my mom cooked pancit, our good friend, who caters on the side as Mama Su's Kitchen, cooked her famous wings and garlic noodles. We also bought lumpia and menudo from Adobolicious in Fremont. Vegan veggies were provided from Whole Foods. People were amazed with this setup. It's a nice idea but we didn't expect there to be 300 people RSVP. So it became a little bit more work. We had to buy chafing trays to keep the food warm, then had to make sure someone was always standing there to refill the food trays. Then afterwards, the dishes omg. So yeah, with events of this size, it's just better to let the pros handle the food.

PC: Serei Tun

This year, another good friend of ours, brought his food truck, Tastee Bytes!! People raved about the pulled pork fries. They also offered this HUGE vegan quinoa bowl. It was amazing. Cookies and Cream also came and it was delicious! Please follow them both on Facebook (Cookies & Cream, Tastee Bytes). We know it's a lot to ask trucks to come to small private events so we are extremely grateful for these guys/gals coming to our event. No dishes, no hassle! :) 

GGLC's Drift Trike Autocross

Last year, we bought a pedal drift trike and the Golden Gate Lotus Club designed a mini autocross course for it. It was timed and announced just like a real autocross! Everyone had so much fun that we decided to do it again this year. Again, despite the rain, it was fun!!  

Prizes for the Autocross

First Place: Choice of GGLC Trackday ($175-225) or Autocross ($65-75)

Second Place: Either GGLC Trackday ($175-225) or Autocross ($65-75) (depending on 1st place winner's choice).

Third Place: $100 credit OnGrid Trackday

Fourth Place: 1 Long Sleeve, 1 Exige poster, and 1 Balaclava from Sector 111

Sixth Place :  Linear Edge  Racetrack Coasters Set

Sixth PlaceLinear Edge Racetrack Coasters Set

Fifth Place: Professional Pre-order Trackday Photos (Set of 5) by Trevor Ryan

Seventh Place: Portable 12V Jumper Pack, donated by Vex Motorsports

Eighth Place: OBD2 Scanner for Android and iPhone, donated by OBD Innovations

Toys for Tots

Thanks to everyone who donated toys! If you didn't get a chance to donate at our party, our collection bins will be at our shop until mid-December.

"By providing a brand new gift —- something many children take for granted —- each of us can help less fortunate children believe that someone cares and that the magic of the holiday season hasn’t passed them by."


After a couple hours of overcast, the rain started to come down hard and people were getting antsy so we decided to have the raffle an hour early...right after winners for the autocross were announced.

Most of these prizes will be separated into different bowls so that you can choose which ones you want to try to win. If you have multiple tickets, you can decide to put them all in one bowl and try to get that one prize or spread them out and try to win multiple prizes. The more tickets you put in one bowl, the more chances there are of winning that prize.


How To Get Raffle Tickets

buy tickets for $2 each

buy a trackspec shirt >> 1 free ticket

buy a trackspec zipup >> 1 free ticket

buy a molecule product >> 1 free ticket

bring a toy to donate to toys for tots >> 2 free tickets

If you are donating toys, you can only get up to 6 tickets max (eg Donate 3 toys, get 6 tickets. Donate 4 toys, get 6 tickets). If you donate a toy BEFORE our event, you will get the free raffle tickets but must be present at the party to win. If you still want to support the cause but cannot attend the party, our toy collection boxes will be at our shop until mid-December.


Raffle Prizes

I thought it was going to be pretty hard to top last year's prizes but it wasn't hard at all. With the exception of the GoPro, all of the prizes were 100% donated. Cannot believe the amount of support we've received from other companies and organizations. 

one boxing glove signed by manny pacquiao

Donated by Jonathan Chu & Jason Aniel. 1 winner. Estimated value: $300-700.

mini laguna seca wooden sculpture

Donated by Linear Edge. 1 winner. Estimated value: $99

various bmw women's apparel

Donated by  BMW of Fremont. 4 winners. Estimated value: $30-60.

various bmw men's apparel

Donated by  BMW of Fremont. 32 winners. Estimated value: $30-60.

gopro hero 4 black

1 winner. Estimated value: $399.

gglc autocross

Donated by GGLC. 1 winner. Estimated value: $65-75

bmw motorsport racing mouse "victor"

Donated by  BMW of Fremont. 5 winners. Estimated value: $32. 

bmw travel mug

Donated by  BMW of Fremont. 1 winner. Estimated value: $21.

bmw 20" trolley luggage  Donated by  BMW of Fremont . 1 winner. Estimated value: $120-150.

bmw 20" trolley luggage

Donated by BMW of Fremont. 1 winner. Estimated value: $120-150.

bmw golfsport softshell men's jacket xl

Donated by  BMW of Fremont. 1 winner. Estimated value: $120.

Sector 111 Package: includes 1 long sleeve, 1 balaclava, 1 Exige poster. Estimated value: $80. 1 winner. / 3 posters. Estimated value: $10 each. 3 winners.

professional trackday photos

Set of 5 by Trevor Ryan. 1 winner. Estimated value: $25. 

Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper Coating

Donated by Carzwerk. Estimated value: $295. 1 winner.

j-hook buckle, curve base mount, adhesive pad for gopro

Donated by CVO Electronics. 1 winner. Estimated value: $5.

car suction cup swivel mount + gopro/phone adapters

Donated by CVO Electronics. 1 winner. Estimated value: $8.

one portable 12v jumper pack

Donated by Vex Motorsports. 1 winner. Estimated value: $80-120.


It's hard to take photos and videos when you're running around saying hi to everyone and making sure things go smoothly. So HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed below.

Trevor Ryan

This guy!!!! Please go check out his website. Also, he did a blog on our event as well:

A shop gathering of this magnitude really speaks for itself. When you have this many enthusiasts turn out, in the rain no less, after just two years in business you know you’re doing things right.

That moment you realize you just turned into the wrong neighborhood. LOL.

Jason Barnachea

Serei Tun

Evan Van Sickle


2nd annual grand opening at Trackspec in Fremont. Hands down the best automotive repair shop for all your repair , maintenance, race ,upgrades and track prep in the bay area! (Short Video Of All The Lotus + NSX. IG: Keleent)

Awesome video segment by SR Entertainment. Segment on our party starts at 6:31. 

IG: @cleanm4

My vlog 21. Track spec anniversary party

Thank You!

Thank you to all the organizations and companies who have continued to support us! Thank you to our amazing volunteers for helping out: Esther, Jenny, Daphne, Paul, Joseph, Marc, Dennis, and Sean. Thank you to our food trucks Tastee Bytes and Cookies & Cream for coming through. Thank you to DJ Mike Ramos for playing music and announcing winners. Thank you to our family who came all the way from LA and Delano. Thank you to all of our customers who brought their nice "toys" to our shop for everyone to look at. Also, thank you for continuing to support us! We hope you all had fun. 

We promise we will plan the party earlier in the year next year so that there is no rain! (hopefully)