Trackspec's Sponsored-Drivers & Partners BBQ

We started our 3rd year in business on a high note, with some amazing new developments, partnerships, and huge goals. So we've decided to host an annual BBQ meet and greet for our sponsored drivers and some of our partners. Wanted to give everyone an informal opportunity to network, eat some good food, and have some fun in the sun. So on Saturday, February 25, the rain clouds finally took a break so that we could enjoy some outdoor BBQin' and drift trikes. 

San Pellegrinos, Italian sodas, crackers and vegan cheese (Miyoko's Kitchen "cheese" was a hit)! 

If you came out to our 2nd Year Anniversary Party in November 2016, you might have met Danny from eDriftTrikes or saw his drift trikes. Unfortunately, that day was raining and we couldn't test them out so he took some time out to come to our BBQ on Saturday! It was so much fun!!

Danny went above and beyond in teaching us how to use his trikes. He first let us get used to the speed. These things are fast! 

Once we got used to the speed, Danny took us out on the street. For those who have been to our shop before, being at the end of Stevenson is perfect because it's all businesses, which are closed on weekends. Perfect for drifting trikes!

For some, drifting came naturally. For others, well....might be better to stick to regular racing. 

We BBQ'ed marinated flap meat from Mi Pueblo, steaks, corn, asparagus, mushrooms, and of course, vegan veggie dogs! 

PC: Sara Bernson / Trevor Ryan

PC: Boris Lim

Derpface. PC: Trevor Ryan

These trikes only weighed 58 lbs. Lighter than my 99 lb scooter. PC: Trevor Ryan

Trevor took some time to do some rolling shots as well.

Thanks to everyone who came! Cheers to the start of an amazing year!! Special thanks to eDriftTrikes for taking the time to setup and host drift trike lessons! Also, thanks to Trevor Ryan for taking amazing photos, as always.