Trackspec Tech Talk with Shinoo Mapleton

This past Saturday, April 7, we hosted our very first Trackspec Tech Talk, "Handling 101," featuring Shinoo Mapleton, owner of InoKinetic. Being in the Lotus industry for several years, Shinoo offered his knowledge on car handling, specifically for the Lotus Elise, Exige, Alfa 4C, and Ariel Atom. 

To ensure useful dialogue, this was a private RSVP-only event. The invitations were sent out only to the Elise, Exige, Alfa Romeo, and Ariel Atom customers in our system, as well as anyone who has subscribed to our newsletter or InoKinetic's newsletter. (Note: we plan to do this with other cars we specialize in!)


While Shinoo and Jon had prepared a presentation, we kept the format pretty casual. Everyone was engaged and taking notes. People were asking questions. It was great!

Topics discussed:

  • Proper Alignment
    • Recommended Settings
    • Street vs Track
  • Tire & Wheel Selection
    • Factors to Consider When Selecting Wheels
    • Tire Sizes and Compounds, Weight Distribution
  • Suspension Options
    • Coliovers
    • Dampers/Springs
    • Swaybars
  • Suspension Tuning
    • Making Adjustments
    • Corner Balancing
  • Driving Style

Lunch from Chick'n Rice

We have so many close friends who own restaurants throughout the Bay Area. To show our support, we always love to have them cater our events. This event was no different. This time, our friends at Chick'n Rice catered. And it was a hit!! 

On the menu: KMG Chicken, fried and poached, fried tofu, mixed veggies, salad, Chinese broccoli, chicken rice, and regular rice + their 3 famous sauces. SO GOOD!!!

After Lunch

Most people stuck around after the presentation to chat and look at all the cars in the shop.

Hanging out in the office after lunch, watching youtube videos from the track.