2015/10/10 Trackday: MRLS with SpeedSF

Trackspec Autosports joins customers and friends for a fun day at the track with SpeedSF. Jon achieved his personal best at 1:45.5 in his daily driven VW Golf R. Our customers, Andrew, Jeff, Sam, Brian, Fred were also there with us. Andrew also achieved his personal best at 1:45.1 in his daily driven Evo 9. Jeff received 3rd place in the SpeedSF Challenge, PAF Class in his Lotus Elise. 

Trackspec Autosports MK6 VW Golf R Laguna Seca 1:45 APR Stage 2 PSS10 Haldex Controller Stabilia RSB Dunlop DZII Starspecs

Trackspec Autosports daily driven Golf R and Evo 9 lead/follow at Laguna Seca. Both on 200 treadwear tires and full interior. Best time of day: 1:45

10.10.15 SpeedSF Bridgestone RE-71R