MFest My Life Tour 2015

Yesterday, Team Trackspec had a lot of fun at the MFest My Life Tour in College of Alameda. Our shop was one of the meetup locations for the caravan to the event and we had a great turnout. We met up at 7am, filled everyone up with coffee and then started the caravan. Met up with San Jose group on the freeway. We rolled in deep with about 15-20 beautiful cars repping our logo. 

Thanks to our guys, Jeremy, Herb, & David for putting work into the shop cars and waking early on a Saturday. Thanks to their significant others, Tiffany, Giselle, and Bella for coming out just to support them. Thanks to Daphne and Paul for going before the event to set up our booth and staying for the whole event. Thanks to our awesome customers and friends for bringing their shiny cars, Larry, Brian, Jesse, Gabby, Marc, Andrew, Max, David and everyone that came to our shop for the caravan. Thanks to Ian and Avery for inviting us! We sincerely appreciate everyone's support. We ate good food, met a lot of cool people, and had a good time.