Trackspec Autosports Porsche LWB Seat Recliner Brackets

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed

  • 3/8” ratchet

  • E12 socket (3/8" drive)

  • 6mm Allen

  • 8mm Allen

  • 10mm wrench

  • 16mm wrench

  • 17mm wrench

  • Blue Loctite or Medium strength thread locker

NOTE: The prototype pieces may need some filing for fitment.

Step 1: Disconnect Battery

Remove panel in trunk to access battery. Disconnect NEGATIVE (-) terminal using 10mm wrench.

Step 2: Remove Seat Bolts

Use the E12 socket to remove all four seat bolts. Slide seat all the way back to access bolts 1&2. Slide seat all the way forward to access bolts 3&4

Step 3: Unbolt Seatbelt 

Use the 17mm wrench to remove seat belt from seat. A plastic cap will need to be pulled off first.

Step 4: Disconnect Yellow Plug

Under the seat, disconnect the yellow plug by first pulling up on the black tab to unlock it. Drape a towel over the side sill to prevent scratches and carefully remove seat. 

Step 5: Unbolt Pivoting Arm

Remove bolt from the pivoting arm on both sides using the 16mm wrench and 8mm Allen.

Step 6: Install Seat Recliner Brackets

  • Install recliner brackets as shown. Thread M6 bolt and M6 washer into bracket through the small hole in the seat rail, but do not tighten. On the right side, you may need to remove a wire harness clip. Install M10 bolt through seat rail and bracket. Secure with M10 washer and Nyloc nut , but do not tighten. Once both bolts are in place, tighten down the M6 bolt, then the M10. Do not over tighten M6 bolt.
  • Install pivoting arm to the riser with the the shouldered part of the bolt on the plastic bushing. If installed correctly, the nut will be on the inside of the seat (opposite of how it was originally). Use blue Loctite or medium strength thread locker on this nut and bolt. 

Step 7: Reinstall Seat

Follow directions in reverse to reinstall seat. 

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