Trackspec's 4 Year Anniversary Party: August 19, 2018

When Trackspec had been open for a year, we hosted a 1-Year Anniversary party (in 2015) and open house to celebrate the occasion. When the shop turned two (in 2016), we did a 2-Year Anniversary party.

2017 was an especially busy, albeit successful year for us. We made significant improvements to the shop (installed new 4-post stacker lifts, acquired a tube bender, and rolled-out a new customer portal). We also won our first ever Regional Championship in NASA Super Touring 4 (with our driver Tom Tang and our S2000 "Irene.") Such as it was, we didn't do a 3-Year party because we just had way too much going on.

To be honest, we actually debated as to whether or not we should host a 4-Year party because it's a lot of planning and work. Also, our parking lot is not super big which means a lot of people have to park far away on Stevenson and walk over. But, with the encouragement from our wonderful customers, family, and friends we decided to go for it -- and we're so glad we did!

Special thanks to: 

  • EDriftTrikes for letting our guests test out your toys! 
  • Chris and his team from Licensed2Grill for feeding everyone delicious food all day long!
  • Our DJ Eddie for keeping everyone entertained and MC'ing!

We are so grateful to be able to work with some truly amazing vendors and organizations. We really value and appreciate our relationship with each and every one of you. Thank you for contributing the following raffle prizes:

  • 2 Autocrosses & 2 Trackdays donated by Golden Gate Lotus Club
  • $200 Trackday Credit donated by OnGrid
  • Full Day Trackday Coaching & Data Analysis donated by Tom Tang
  • Full Day Trackday Coaching donated by Tony Jimenez
  • Three $50 gift certificates donated by GRP
  • Ceramic Pro Wheel Coating donated by Carzwerk
  • Two $50 gift certificates and 20 1L of Ravenol donated by MMI Vehicle Systems
  • RC Exige donated by Trackspec and GGLC
  • Two $50 digital credit donated by TYRphoto
  • Two Water Wetters & Nintendo Classic donated by Vex Motorsports
  • JRZ T-Shirts and Hat donated by JRZ Suspension Engineering

Last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out to spend a Sunday afternoon with us. We loved hanging out with you and your big/small/furry loved ones! 

Speedhunters Article by Trevor Ryan

Last weekend, Trackspec Autosports celebrated their four-year anniversary party the only way car people know how: getting dozens of heavily-modified examples together for a good time.
— Trevor Ryan, Speedhunters



From Tom Tang

From Lawrence Lau

By Noel Aquino



Video by PK-Studio

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