Thunderhill West w/OnGrid

This past Saturday, March 18, we went to OnGrid's Thunderhill West trackday. Despite fears of wet weather, it only rained a couple minutes in the morning. The sun actually came out towards the end of the day. 

The week before trackday is always hectic. Here is Trevor's new track car getting serviced!

The track was actually beautiful. All the hills were green and there were yellow wildflowers everywhere. In some spots, I even saw purple flowers!

It was a pretty good turnout! We had a couple customers out there :)

Jon got a PB of 1:26 in his Golf R. He had fun chasing his mechanic, Son, in the silver S2000 (who also got a 1:26). Unfortunately, Son had camera issues so no video :(

Best time of day- 1:26 Tires- AD08R Tune- APR stage 2+

Track boys and their track toys....

Our friends/customers showed up for a rolling on-track photoshoot with Trevor Ryan

Surprisingly, there were some slips in Group 3/4 in the morning. Usually, its Groups 1/2 that slip a lot in the beginning but they were doing some cautious driving this time! Andrew made a trip to the salad bar.

Also, this Lotus! This sounded a lot worse than it was. Luckily his car seemed okay!