Thunderhill East with OnGrid

This past Saturday, February 4, we went to OnGrid's Season Opener event at Thunderhill Raceway. 


As usual, we stayed at Colusa Casino Resort, which is a 30 minute drive to the racetrack. It's not that much more expensive than staying at the Best Western in Willows. Since it is a 3-hour drive from Fremont and we always have a group with us, it's nice to relax in a clean hotel, play games/gamble, eat a decent meal, and have some drinks. 

Driver's meeting.

Hood vents come in handy when your hands are cold!

I got to ride in the ACR. I specifically wanted to sit in on the first session, because I know that's when everyone is a little slower and just feeling out the track. It was so much fun!! And scary. 

Although the track was pretty slippery in the morning, we were lucky to not get much rain that day. The sun actually came out. There were a couple tows due to the track being muddy. 

Jon got a PB of 2:07. 

Daily driver MK6 Golf R Full interior Tires: AD08R

Playing 5 Second Rule. You have 5 seconds to name three of whatever the card says. Pretty simple subjects, but with a 5-second time limit, the funniest random words just get spewed out.