Molecule Detailer 16 oz. Sprayer


Molecule Detailer 16 oz. Sprayer


When settling for 2nd best just isn't good enough, Molecule Detailer is the choice of champions whether on the track, in the showroom, or that priceless ride in the garage that you're proud to call yours. 

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Light duty cleaner & polish in one spray designed to keep surfaces looking clean, shining and protected.  Safe to use on all finishes, paint, powder coat, plastics, vinyl, including flat and matte.

  • Safely removes light rubber scuffmarks, bugs, oils, dirt and grime
  • Reactive siloxane attaches to surface to polish without a slimy feel
  • Reduces dirt, grime and grease surface build up
  • Cleans & Polishes in one easy step
  • Just spray on & wipe off
  • Non-streaking formula