My Shop Assist (MSA)

My Shop Assist is Trackspec Autosports' new shop management software that allows customers to check the status of their cars, view photos and notes from technicians, view work history, and authorize new work. Customers may log on at any time to view past and current jobs.

Create Account

  1. Go here:
  2. Bookmark link for future reference. 
  3. Click the green button that says, Are you a first time user? "Click here"
  4. Enter your email address. You must use the same email address you provided to Trackspec when you signed in. 
  5. Create password.

View Status of Work

Once you log on, you will be able to view your entire work history at Trackspec (after April 2018**).

Each time you come in to Trackspec, and have work done, that is a "job." The gray jobs are jobs in the past. The white jobs are those that are scheduled or currently being worked on.

**To view receipts from Trackspec before April 2018, contact us.

Job Information

Once you click the blue button that says "View Job," you will be taken to that specific work order. 

Within each Job are the specific tasks that you requested to be performed. 

Your car information will be at the top. Parts will be on the right.


Task Status

Gray tasks are those that the techs have finished. 

White tasks are those tasks that are either in progress or not started.

Technician On-The-Job Notes

Notes that have a date next to it are notes typed from the tech specific to the work on your car.

Technician On-The-Job Photos

If the blue "Photos + Files" button has a green indicator with a number, that means the tech assigned to your task has uploaded photos. 

Click the button to show the photos. Click the photo thumbnail to view entire pic.

Authorize Work

If you get an email that says "Authorization Requested by Trackspec Autosports," this means that Trackspec techs are showing you the price of the current work order and need you to approve before work is started.

You can either click the link in the email, or just go to your portal with the bookmarked link above. 

For the job that says Authorization Required in red, click "View Job."

Then click the red bar. 

Review the pricing on the work order. 

The Y on the right means the part is taxed. Fees like shipping or hazardous waste will say "N" which means Not Taxed.


Electronic Signature

Scroll all the way to the bottom. Sign using a mouse, or if you are viewing with a phone/tablet, sign using your finger. Then press the green button "Authorize."

Email Status Updates

MSA makes it super easy for TS staff to send you updates. 

If you receive an email with the subject, "Update on your job from Trackspec Autosports," this means that Trackspec staff is either:

  1. Telling you your car is done. 
  2. Just sending you an update.
  3. Asking you a question.

If TS staff needs to say something to you, it will be at the very top of the message. The rest of the email is a basic summary of which tasks are completed, which are not completed, and which parts we are providing (all information that is shown on your customer portal as well.)


  1. How can you see the pricing if the techs don't send a "Request Authorization" link? As of now, there is no other way to view pricing. We recommend when you fill out our WAF, you may mark "I request a written estimate." That is when Trackspec will either send you a Request Authorization link via MSA, or print your estimate and have you sign it in person. 
  2. How come some tasks show the time the tech has spent on the task, but others don't show this? Some tasks are flat-rate price, and for these, you will not see a timer. For jobs that we mark as hourly, you will see how much time the tech has spent and be charged accordingly (e.g. Diagnostics are usually charged hourly).

Email if you have any other questions!