Pair of Custom Vinyl Numberplates


Pair of Custom Vinyl Numberplates

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Our custom number plates are made to order in-house. They are NOT printed, they are cut (It is black vinyl cut and laid over white sheet). Please caution that they may be finished 1-14 days after the order date. Price includes a PAIR of plates. 

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  • Size depends on number of digits (3-digit numbers have wider plates). Actual numbers are 8" tall.
  • Font used is Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold, unless different font specified.
  • Unfortunately, we no longer make the plates with the rounded edges. 

One-Time/Permanent Vinyl

The one-time use / permanent vinyl is NOT reusable. Once applied, it will lose its form if removed. This is a good option for those who have dedicated track cars and/or don't care to take the plates off when they are not tracking.

Reusable Vinyl Instructions

The reusable vinyl materials is the perfect solution for those non-magnetic cars with fiberglass or aluminum doors. The better they are taken care of, the more use you can get out of them. See below for instructions.

  1. For best results, apply to a clean, waxed surface. 
  2. Wipe off any fine dust from the car’s surface just before applying.
  3. Position one edge first.
  4. Press the vinyl on, working from one edge to the other. forcing out any air.
  5. Save the paper backing. Mark the back side of the paper backing so that you don’t accidentally stick the number to the wrong side when you are storing them.
  • The adhesive surface will eventually accumulate some dust and dirt. This will not affect the clinging power until the vinyl becomes very dirty. 
  • If you want it LESS sticky/clingy, stick it first on a t-shirt so that it picks up small amounts of lint. 


  1. While the vinyl is still on the car, wipe the vinyl/car with a damp cloth to remove any fine dust or dirt.
  2. With clean hands, pick one corner loose, then slowly peel the vinyl off.
  3. The number is easiest to remove when warm. If necessary, warm it up with a hair dryer.
  4. Stick the numbers on the slick side of the paper backing (the side without your mark). 


  1. Clean the vinyl while they are on your car. 
  2. Wash with a mild detergent, such as dish washing soap.
  3. For stubborn stains, use paint thinner (mineral spirits). DO NOT use lacquer thinner. 
  4. When the numbers have dried, remove and return to paper backing. 

The vinyl will stay clean longer if you wax them once when new.

The special low tack adhesive provides the best solution to reusable vinyl graphics and does not stick as aggressively as regular decals or permanent vinyl. However, it cannot be guaranteed that the reusable vinyl will not lift your car’s paint when being removed. Do not adhere any stick on number or decal to your car if you question its condition.