Trackspec-Inspired or Trackspec? 

by Trevor Ryan, Speedhunters


I was more than excited to attend my first Wekfest San Jose show after recently moving back to the Bay Area. But I wasn’t sure how covering it would go, especially after reading Dino’s recent post on how Speedhunters’ top priority is, well… speed. Meanwhile, Wekfest seems best known for its style: luxurious VIP builds, stanced cars, wild air suspension, and laying frame. Luckily for me, a shop that specializes in track car preparation got a special invitation to the show this year. And even luckier, Trackspec Autosports is right down the street from my new place in Fremont. I had seen their cars at a number of track days in Northern and Southern California, but never expected them to attend a show of this nature. Trackspec would be staying true to themselves and bringing real, function-driven builds that were made to go fast and go hard where it counts: the racetrack....

Winners announced for Hunter’s SEMA social media contest! Congrats Trackspec Autosports!

Hunter Engineering is pleased to announce that Trackspec Autosports has won a SmartWeight® Touch wheel balancer at Hunter’s SEMA booth!

Trackspec Autosports' 1-Year Anniversary Party

Not having been over to the Trackspec shop before, we took the opportunity to come out for their anniversary party. It didn’t hurt that they promised delicious free food, raffle prizes worth hundreds of dollars, and a chance to pedal a drift trike around a small coned-off course for prizes and driftocross glory. And of course, a gathering of some spectacular exotic and high-performance cars, many of which were presumably customers’ cars. Well we saw all that and more...